About Me

Heather's Simple Creations is owned by me, a mom in her early 30's, and is locally owned and operated in Milton, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. I love creating and I strive to bring unique, hand crafted, and personalized home goods. 

I'm married to my wonderful husband, have a busy toddler boy, a baby girl, which we welcomed Dec 2020, two chocolate lab puppy's (sadly we lost our 1st chocolate lab, Charlie, in 2021), and two turtles! It's a very full house - busy, but we love it!

While being on maternity leave I started making fun onesies for my son, which led me to make personalized items from drool bibs, to home decor items. On my leave, I bought a laser cutter and continued to expand my shop offerings and now produce personalized event pieces, baby items, cake toppers, and home/holiday decor.

I am truly thankful at the support that my  small business has received and since the beginning of Heather's Simple Creations in 2019 I have shipped products worldwide, from the USA to Australia!

Thank you for visiting my shop - please reach out to me if you have any questions!